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PQF The New Technology:


The new technology in MFG of seamless pipes is (PQF) Premiun Quality Finish. The PQF technology developed by SMS Meer a company of the SMS group, Germany is recognized worldwide as the leading technology for the production of seamless tubes. It improves the product quality & cost.




Reproduction of mills test certificate is rampant. Customer to ensure that they are buying genuine Pipe/Tubes must insist on verification of photo copies of T/C with the original documents. Not only that, the original certificates should also show the consumption record. By taking this small care many of the spurious product being sold by some unscrupuls traders cane be prevented.


For a customer buying alloy steel pipes, it is necessary to make sure that the pipes are checked by PMI method to ensure that they are buying genuine grade. It also prevents grade mix up during storage and transportation.

From refineries to nuclear power stations we are across India
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