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International standardisation of systems made it possible to find needlepoint errors in the haystack of product inventory, facilitating real-time information of availability, delivery and the traceable history of individual products.

Innovations at ESPTL focus on target customers (sectors) and their needs. New products and ideas are solicited from customers, exhibitions, manufacturers as well as research and development. Eventually the crucial driver to all this the continuously collected feedback methodology.

State-of-the-art Warehousing

Evergreen prides itself on its Warehousing Infrastructure and Systems that store and maintain stock for customers in near-perfect conditions. Our Pune warehouse, established in 2003, was transformed into a state-of-the-art warehouse in 2008. Spanning a total area of 80,000 Sq ft with a covered area of 25,000 Sqft having a capacity of stacking 4000 MT.

All inspection and storing processes are closely monitored with CCTV cameras, ensuring a safe, clean and dry atmosphere.

Integrated ERP System

ERP systems are interpreted to client needs to ensure smoother follow-up on information and no-loss in translation communications. Demand for real-time information by management, suppliers and customers are increasing and the system at ESPTL is built around this need to be even more productive.

All the data are linked to root documents and hence one to one relation of pipes with TC is possible.

Quality complaints of customers can be traced back to suppliers for correction/redressal immediately.

Effective inventory control ensures accurate information and faster delivery to the customer


Evergreen pioneered systems include the unique heat number identification, colour coding, specific rack designations as well as the unprecedented 7-year traceability of products.

When pipes are received at the warehouse, they are identified by their unique Heat Number and markings. Each pipe is segregated and categorised based on grades by assigning a unique colour code and placed in a designated rack, to avoid any mix-up of material. We have a tie-up with Internationally-reputed third party inspection agencies like BVIS, LRIS, DNV, TUV, SGS, EIL, GL, RITES, IRS, PDIL, TCE, VELOSI to name a few.

Traceability has resulted as a methodology discerned from the actual needs and desires of today's most discerning customers, who cannot risk a critical project with a product that is incorrect in its application or inferior in its composition.

Colour Coding is a system that can be easily deciphered (at any personal level) and is ensconced within a storage discipline that delivers accuracy.
Our ERP helps error free deliveries to multiple projects