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The critical applications of high pressure and temperature involving, most hazardous and volatile gas & liquid projects, demand impeccable quality with zero defects. Just a pin prick is more than sufficient to cause enormous loss of life & properties.

Corporate Responsibility

This heartfelt concern for human life and environmental damage has provoked us to forge a strong relationship with suppliers around the globe who are particularly well known for their vigorous quality checks to ensure absolute zero defects. The unique quality system and the state of the art traceability further ensure that this same impeccable quality of the product is delivered to our customers. The innate culture of the organization is to be completely cognizant of this responsibility


Innovative traceability control systems ensure that in the instance of a later stage eventuality, the source of the errant material can be traced even after a gap of 7 years!

Quality Systems

We have state-of-the-art storage facilities having full-fledged infrastructure viz., Stacking Area, Inspection Area, EOT crane etc.

All pipes are kept in a closed and dry atmosphere, minimizing any damage. Unique colour-coding, and 7 years of traceability and stringent quality checks in terms of commercial and technical are just some of the best practices we have implemented.

PQF is the new technology in seamless pipes